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Design meets business.

We use design thinking to improve businesses. You should too.

Design thinking has become somehting of a buzzword - it looks good on websites and in company material. The post-it notes make you look super cool when they're all laid out on the wall. It just sounds cool to say "ideation" and "prototyping", right?

There's so much more to it - our favorite part being where you use real customer insights to improve your products, and overall business. Let's show you how!

Uyai / Lead Consultant

Design Thinking Starter Kit

Running a design thinking workshop can be hard, especially if it's your first time. We've got a kit for that! Our carefully crafted curriculum will equip you with the skills needed to structure your workshop and tools to support your goals. You'll have all the worksheets, materials and ice breakers you need to run a successful workshop!

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