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Design Thinking Starter Kit

Design Thinking Starter Kit

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Hello designers & facilitators, we’re glad you’re interested in our design thinking toolkit!

This toolkit is a full digital collection of everything you’ll need to run your design thinking workshop. The set was developed by an experienced moderator and trainer of design thinking moderators.  

It really serves as a complete moderator’s manual - giving you confidence and guiding you step-by-step to prepare and conduct your own design thinking workshops.

If you know the basics of design thinking or you have taken part in the workshops as a participant, that will be helpful as additional knowledge. However, this kit can help even the newest of facilitators!

Materials included inside:

  • Complete & Detailed Workshop Script | PDF file, 106 pages
  • 4-Hour Workshop Scenario | PDF & EXCEL file
  • Editable Workshop Presentation | PDF & PPTX file
  • Guide: Defining Workshop Goal | PDF file, 1 page
  • Templates To Print | PDF files, 4 templates
  • Lists of Workshop & Prototyping Materials | PDF file, 7 pages
  • Workshop Space Guidelines | PDF file, 4 pages
  • Warm-ups & Icebreakers | PDF file, 7 pages
  • Workshop Music | PDF file, 3 pages
  • Mobile & Web Apps | PDF file, 4 pages
  • Useful Checklist | PDF file, 3 pages
  • Beautiful Font | PDF file, 5 pages
  • 🎁 Extra Bonus: Remote Workshop Guide & Templates in Mural & Miro | PDF file, 19 pages

Please note - this is a digital download product (no physical product will be shipped). Instead, the entire package will be sent to you via email within a few minutes of placing your order.

If you would like to purchase a 4 week wraparound support via email while you prepare for your workshop, you will be able to purchase at checkout. 

For any other questions, please contact us - we love feedback!

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