Design Thinking

how do I actually use it?


Has it become just a buzzword?

Design thinking has become somehting of a buzzword - it looks good on websites and in company material. The post-it notes make you look super cool when they're all laid out on the wall. It just sounds cool to say "ideation" and "prototyping", right?

It can be so much more!

As long-time practitioners and advocates of design thinking, we'd hate to see it slip by the wayside and become just a buzzword.

There is real power in thinking up an idea, making a prototype, getting insights from real users, and tinkering with the product/service until it is ready. Done right, it is unbelievably powerful.

We're working with a few select clients to help them implement design sprints - one way to actually embed design thinking in your workflow. The Sprint Book by Jake Knapp popularized this method, and we're big fans here!

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