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Hey you. Ecommerce wasn't meant to be lonely. Hear us out!

It’s tough to run an ecommerce business on the African continent. It's true. Someone had to say it!

Our population is young, vibrant, and mobile first. Internet penetration is improving (although still slow in many places). Mobile and online payments are becoming unlocked. If there's one thing we know, we know how to HUSTLE. These are good things.

However, there are other local challenges that are often overlooked by the major ecommerce voices you’ll find online from other regions. Last mile logistics - don't get us started! There are so many different platforms and apps and configurations - how do you know what actually works and what will waste your money?

Have you ever felt like you’re running uphill both ways at once while running your ecommerce business? You're certainly not alone. Most of our group members have been there and done that.

Introducing Salala: a thriving community serving Africans who operate ecommerce businesses!

(This group runs on Telegram, please see the FAQ section for how to join)

Wouldn't you rather go together?

"Why should I join," you ask?

Make it make sense

We provide resources, articles, and information to help you make sense of ecommerce. New resources added to the library each month!

Locally relevant

Some ecommerce principles work everywhere - but others must be adapted for the African continent. We keep this in mind for our discussions.


Things are more fun when you have people to go with! Ask questions in the group, and your peers and/or moderators will answer. Wisdom of the crowd can be helpful for growth!

Frequently Asked Questions

(it's ok to ask)

Who was Salala built for?

We'd like to say it is for everyone - but that is very cliche and totally not true. There are some specific groups who will gain the most from being a part of this group.

- Ambious entrepreneurs operating e-commerce businesses on the African continent.

- Ecommerce business owners looking to grow and optimize their businesses.

- Ecommerce businesses looking for a network of like-minded individuals across the African continent.

It is certainly okay if your business is in-person, but most of the resources will be geared towards ecommerce or omnichannel businesses.  

Who is this not built for?

- Businesses that don't have an ecommerce component now and don't plan to add one in the future.

- Entrepreneurs looking for 1:1 consulting or in-depth coaching (we may offer this in the future, but this is not offered right now).

- Information in the group is targeted at African ecommerce operators. If your business is located elsewhere, you're welcome to join, but you may find that it is not targeted enough for your needs.

- Entrepreneurs who want only courses.

What will I get?

- Monthly resources on a specific topic related to ecommerce - video lessons, articles, workbooks
- Access to a community of people with the same struggles and successes, operating in the same environment
- Questions in the group answered by the group moderators
- Questions can also be answered by your peers
- Please note: There is no 1:1 consulting or coaching offered with this group membership

Where will I find the resources and community?

We have a community on Telegram. You will have access to the resources, the community, the moderators and other benefits right on Telegram.  

What do I need to join the group?

- a mobile device with the Telegram app installed (or any device that can run Telegram Web)
- internet access
- a paid subscription to the Salala group

How long will access to the membership group last?

You can stay as long as you want to - as long as your subscription is paid in full for the month.

What does it cost?

There will be a recurring fee of $25/month (right now - we're offering our first 100 members an introductory pricing of $15/month!)

Am I able to cancel?

You can cancel at any time

What if I have more questions?

Please email memberships@areedi.com and we'll help you out.

What is the signup process?
This link will take you directly to our signup page. You'll see a guide for what to do on Telegram there.

Okay, I'm ready to sign up - where do I go next?

Visit our sign up page!

Successful (eCommerce) marketing is about telling a story that matches your customer’s worldview.

- Seth Godin

Ready to join?

We'll see you in the group soon!