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What are your store’s opening hours?

What are your store’s opening hours?
August 31, 2017 Uyai

As the Eid holiday comes through this weekend in Nigeria, I’ve been thinking about stores and how they communicate their opening hours to their customers.

The first question many businesses ask themselves is what hours they should be available to their customers. Sometimes, this is dictated (to an extent) by the industry. For example, supermarkets are expected to be open for most of the day, but not necessarily all night. A large hospital is usually open 24 hours, especially if it has an emergency room attached to it. A digital marketing firm may choose to work in their office during agreed opening hours such as 9am – 5pm, and the rest of the time somewhere else. Some businesses work on Saturdays too.

So once a business has chosen its opening hours, how should it be communicated? Here are a few key places:

  • On your website (two good places are on the “Contact Us” page and in the footer)
  • On your social media profiles
  • Outside your office building (if you run a business with high foot traffic, such as a supermarket)
  • On your Google My Business listing (you do have one, right?)

And as the holiday weekend comes up, do remember to post a notice if your business will be closing or will have reduced hours. For example, if you won’t be open on Friday (and you usually are), you can post a sign in your store as well as on your social media profiles. You can also update your Google My Business listing temporarily.

Here are some screenshots of businesses with opening hours posted on their social media and Google Maps pages.

  1. WaffleHausNG on Instagram

2) Ohana J’s Steak and Seafood Grill

3) Apples and Oranges Salon and Spa

If you haven’t set up social media accounts or a Google Maps listing for your business, what are you waiting for? Apart from the exposure, it gives you an easy way to let customers know when you’re open, and when opening hours change due to the holidays.