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#ServiceDesignDay – A Giveaway from Areedi

#ServiceDesignDay – A Giveaway from Areedi
May 23, 2017 Uyai
#ServiceDesignDay Fingers

One of our core offerings here at Areedi is service design. It’s something that we’re extremely passionate about – because a good service generally means a good business is behind it. We understand, however, that this term is relatively new on the African continent. So what does service design really mean?



Globally, the service design community will be celebrating #ServiceDesignDay on June 1. This the the second year of celebrations, and we’re happy to be a part of it! To celebrate, we’re doing a giveaway on our Instagram (@areediangle) and Twitter (@Areedi) pages. All you have to do to enter is a little research to answer the question: What does service design mean to you?


You can send us your entries via social media (Twitter and Instagram). Details below:



*Your entry can be a reply to our tweet, or your own Twitter thread. Use several tweets if you need to.

*However, you must tag our handle (@Areedi) in at least one tweet so we can see your answer

*You should also use the hashtags #AreediDesign and #ServiceDesignDay in at least one tweet.



*Your entry should be a post on your own page

*However, you must tag our handle (@areediangle) in your post so we can see your answer

*You should also use the hashtags #AreediDesign and #ServiceDesignDay in your post


#ServiceDesignDay Fingers



General Information

*The most creative response (as decided by our team) on each platform will get a prize

*If the best response is from someone in Lagos, they can choose between a basket of baked goodies or an eBook about design

*If the best response is from someone outside of Lagos, they will be eligible for an eBook about design


Deadline for entry: Tuesday May 30th at midnight (West Central Africa time)

Selection of winner: Wednesday May 31st

Winners get a gift: Thursday June 1st (1 winner each from Twitter and Instagram)


We can’t wait to read your responses!