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Manage your business listings – Google My Business

Manage your business listings – Google My Business
July 27, 2017 Uyai

Did you know that you can set up and manage your business or organization listings on Google My Business? No? If you didn’t, stop what you’re doing and either look for your business there or register it immediately. It’s fast and free! (We intentionally said look for it because someone may have already added your business to the listings – you may just need to claim it as yours). If you’re not sure where to start, check out our previous blog post on registering your business with Google My Business.

Why is this important? 

It’s important for you to manage your listings online. It may not be possible to monitor every single business directory out there, but you should control the information about your business on the major ones such as Google My Business.

Why Now?

Here’s what has been happening recently: a bunch of business owners in Lagos have had their phone numbers on Google Maps changed to a scammer’s number. (Google Maps uses crowdsourcing to supplement their efforts at keeping business information updated). When a customer tries to call the business directly from Google Maps, the scammer “takes” the order and directs them to pay money into their personal accounts. As you would expect, the customer never gets the order. This is a nightmare for the businesses involved! Here’s a post from the popular food blog Eat.Drink.Lagos detailing fraud alerts from Debonairs, Green Grill House and Nuts About Cakes, who seem to have been affected by this scam.

What do I do next?

So go on and monitor your listings from time to time to protect your business, your reputation and your customers. Remember: a good experience for your customer means that you are consistent across various channels – and online directories are certainly a part of your channels!