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Live Chat for Business

Live Chat for Business
January 18, 2017 Uyai

2017 is fully in its stride now, and many of us are back at work. Top of mind questions for some of our clients include how to improve their customer experience this year. One piece of low-hanging fruit is shaping the way customers interact with the business. In addition to the usual phone and email, did you know that many businesses can now use live chat to talk to people?

Customers who are browsing your website or trying to buy something often have a quick question about something that they’d like to clarify – but don’t want to wait for a phone system to connect them to a human, or wait days for an email response. Enter live chat – where they can ask you questions right from the screen! In fact, if you look at the bottom right of our screen, we have live chat too. (Go ahead and try it out – if it’s during our business hours, we’ll be ready to chat!)


How can live chat help?

  • You can track what kind of information customers are regularly asking about, and you can then use that information to improve the customer experience in the future. If customers are always asking about the cost of delivery services, then maybe you should make that information more prominent on the website.
  • You can also ask customers directly how they feel about your business. It can simply be a short question asking if you served them appropriately, or a more engaged survey at an external link. Every little bit of information that customers can give you to help you improve counts towards a better customer experience.
  • If customers can reach you and your business quickly, and there are qualified people to answer questions, there will be a higher level of trust – which may lead to more business.
  • It could potentially reduce costs to deliver customer service. Many live chat apps are very cheap, and some are free. If more of your customers use live chat apps to reach you, you may be able to reduce (not eliminate) your call center costs. They are usually quite easy to set up as well.  Your customer service reps can also interact with multiple customers at once, saving you time and money.

What options for live chat are available?

There are many options you can use for live chat – if you do a Google search, you’ll probably get over a thousand results. We are currently using – which is free and awesome! It has the features we need to be able to keep track of our customers, get transcripts via email, and even assign agents! Here’s a screenshot:


Live Chat

Live Chat


Will you try live chat for your business? What are your biggest concerns or successes? Let us know in the comments!